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Belle Anse’s Timoun (Children) are the future of the family and the community.

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Belle Anse Timoun Family School:

The name Belle Anse Timoun Family School was chosen by our Haitian University student interpretors. Belle-Anse is the town. Timoun is Creole for children. Lafanmi is Family. The idea is to create a family of our children and community with the goal of creating a future for them through education.
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Land Seller Sale is Official Notarization

What's New:

Work on the building has started and Karen is heading to Belle Anse this coming week!
What is FEBA/BATF? How's the year been? Read our update!
We'll be traveling to Haiti Oct 2012 for our next visit. Look forward to seeing our Belle Anse friends and helping plan for the next year.
New Raffle Winners 7/2012
Bruce won a beautiful quilt that was handmade by Kimie and Scott won a sculpture made by artists in Jacmel. Thank you for everyone who donated! There was a raffle entry for every $20 donation received. There were a lot of names–thank you all for the generous donations!

10/2011: New Mission: Scholarship
We were happy to hear that President Martelly's vow to provide school for additional 700k-800k children who cannot afford school has had a positive impact even far out in Belle Anse. With this new development, the BATF school mission will evolve as well. We are adding a scholarship award to a Belle Anse student.

The goal of this award will be to help fund a Belle Anse student who has been accepted to higher education in Haiti, but would not otherwise be able to attend without our help. Their area of study must be one that will help their community, and they must be committed to helping other students in similar situation upon completion. Read more about this on our blog.

To our supporters, please let us know of your suggestions and opinions regarding the BATF School & Scholarship and new directions!

10/2011: Karen, Marty, Grace and Sammy return from their fourth trip Oct 2011 to Haiti as part of the medical mission and to deliver supplies and visit the BATF school. Read synopsis of the trip and view the new photos.

7/2011: After some research and hard work, our solar panels are installed and running!

Summer activities start in August. During the summer, we will be providing teachers with seminars and many committe member will be taking the second part of their official high school test.

We have some new goals: raising money for VFH scholarship candidates who are eligible to continue their higher education in the USA and to build a building to shelter from the sea and elements. So please don't hesitate to donate! You'll be entered in our new quilt raffle! ;)
New Quilt Raffle 6/2011
Our beautiful new quilt is ready to auction! This fabulous quilt "ode to joy" is pieced by Kimie Wright and quilted by Grace Kyser for Belle Anse Timoun, Spring 2011. Donations are now tax deductible. You will be entered in the quilt drawing for every $20 you donate.

Our April 2011 visit to the school was particularly joyful with the distribution of school supplies, teaching aids, toothbrushes, shoes and introduction of 12 year old Eli! Eli's family organized a shoe drive at his school when they heard that some Haitian parents did not want to send children to our school because they did not have shoes or clothes.

We visited the cholera clinic, met with the school committee, and estimated 2011 expenses and projects. Another wonderful trip! See pictures and Read more details!

Great News! Visions for Haiti has accepted us as their spoke, so we can come under their non-profit 501c3 designation! 4/2011
Visions for Haiti's goal is to provide higher level education scholarships for our promising Haitian students who are involved in their communities. As you can see, Bekert, our Principal for the school and Haiti Organizer is one of the candidates.

For those wishing to designate donations to BATF School, please write check addressed to "Visions for Haiti" and designate BATF School in the memo line of your check. Send to Visions For Haiti Inc., 1603 Orchard Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810. Paypal functionality coming soon.

Bekert volunteers with Dr. Daniel Susott, Doctors and Nurses from Heart to Heart International and Doctors Flying and received some children meds for our school 4/2011

Karen is visiting Haiti on a medical mission and visit to the school 4/8-4/15. Bringing surge protector, 3 in 1 printer, colored pencils, crayons and shoe and clothes donations so children will be able to attend school. We look forward to hearing about your latest trip and of course seeing new photos!

Be sure to check out the school snapshots in "Karen's Update" blog post from 4/5/11. They're sure to make you smile!

Latrine Construction continues 4/2011

BATF teachers attend workshop on kinesthetic learning 3/2011

Haiti has been hit with more troubles- from hurricanes to cholera to elections. Nov 2010:
Bekert and the volunteer group has worked at great lengths to educate the community about cholera prevention. The community has been extremely grateful since no one else has been doing so. Unfortunately, Belle Anse has been affected-4 people died and 2 people are getting good care at the health center of Belle Anse. Elections have also affected the community and there was a shooting at the polls. Luckily our friend Allan is OK.

Karen has returned from her trip with a medical team. She also brought donations to Belle Anse. 11/2010

School will start Monday 18th and currently has 150 students participating.

We are still trying to raise money for construction projects and school supplies and projects... If you can help, please contact us! (all donors will be entered in our next raffle drawing!)

Our next scheduled trip to deliver supplies will be in Oct 2010
Our Donations so far:
  • money towards construction such as seating, desks and latrines
  • teacher support 15.5 months total of support (4 teachers for 4 months)
  • donations to purchase the land and tax for the school

Construction: Small adorable chairs have been made 9/2010

Land cleared and sale notarized 7/2010

Plans for a portable inverter and solar pan system for electricity are in progress. 7/2010

Construction plans continue 7/2010

Donation and teaching supplies delivered 7/13/2010

Raffle winner! 7/2010
The winner of the Calypso Quilt raffle is PF from Mt. Vernon, WA! All donors were entered in the drawing.

click photo to enlarge | read about the meaning of this quilt

Suzanne delivered our first donation 6/22/2010

Belle Anse Committee Formed 6/1/2010

A dream, a mission...a USA collaboration begun 2/2010

About Us:

When our Peace Health/Sacred Heart team with two OHSU/VA members from Oregon along with a national group-- Team Ange were given the privilege to join CME hospital in Cayes Jacmel Haiti to help provide care after the earthquake, we did not anticipate the emotions and ties that would develop from the experience. Our thoughts remained with the people in Haiti. Members of the teams visited patients who were transferred to the US, helped support patients still there, raised funds for aid groups, and one couple from Team Ange moved to Jacmel to help with volunteers. We tried to find universities in the US to help our Haitian volunteer University student interpretors continue with their education, but were unsuccessful.

After the US teams had returned home, the university students returned to their home towns for a reprieve from the trauma of Port-au-Prince. They began working to educate children in Belle Anse. The majority are underprivileged and have lost their homes in Jacmel and Port-au-Prince without possibilities to continue education. The University students wished to give them skills to help their future. To make this a durable project, they needed our help. We were fortunate to know many others in the US who had not had the opportunity to go to Haiti, but also passionately felt the desire to help. They've donated funds, books, supplies, quilts and support. As we became involved and began to make this a reality, the community and leaders also joined in with their support-- with all having the common goal of educating and finding ways to help the students, families and the community in the wake of the earthquake.

This site is an effort to continue the good will along with others from the USA and help the community at a grass roots level. It's amazing what can be done amongst people, between countries: Belle Anse Timoun Family School.

Welcome and thank you for your support!
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Our Efforts:

Our initial goal of purchasing the land for the Belle Anse School has been achieved! We are now pursuing funds for Ministry of Education grants. Click here to see a longer list of what we've given so far.

Fund raising continues for continuing teacher and supply support. Our committee would also like to raise money so that the children will have something to eat during the school day. We will pursue grants, but in the meantime hope to send rice, beans and spaghetti for that purpose, which can be cooked at the office and then brought to the school land when we move there.

These teachers are University students who no longer have schools to attend as 80-90% were destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. They now teach students ages 5-15. Kids in Haiti love school and the school has increased to over 150+ students. More are expected as people without homes have migrated to safer communities like Belle Anse.

In good times people earn an average $2 a day, so any donation goes far. We are also organizing supplies. The supplies and 100% of the donations are personally brought by us to ensure everything gets to the community.
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