Belle Anse’s Timoun (Children) are the future of the family and the community.

Budget Report 2013

This year, with the support of the community, we put much of our funds towards making a building on our land to hold classes and an "internet cafe". We will have ultimately 6 rooms: a classroom, kitchen to help feed children, office, computer teaching and use room, meeting room, and other classrooms.

Also, we are thrilled to announce we have put forth funds to sponsor 3 Belle Anse students- Wantory Regala, Williamson Mathias and Roosevelito Maitre.
US $
School Building $973
Building Materials $2400
Supplies and Transportation $350
Printer, Copier
Entrance and Tuition
Books, Supplies, Copies
Passport, Visas, Suitcase, Clothes
Wantory Regala
University/Medical School Port au Prince
Roosevelito Maitre
Engineering: Dominican Republic
Williamson Mathias
Enggineering, University Port au Prince
Total $6011

Budget Report 2012

$ 7.95 Haitian dollars to $1US.
Haitian $ US $
BATF School
Teachers: Mme Rachel Chéry $2000 $251.57
Transportation and Tuition    BA, JA, PAP $1596 $200.75
Principal and Executive uses    $1400 $176.10
Bekert expenses for BATF business: includes transportation/food** $5484 $689.81
Total $14,626.40 $1,839.80
**All banking transactions require a boat trip and stay to a town with a Fonkoze bank. Includes trips to Port-au-Prince for certificates and supplies etc.

Budget Report 2011

$ 7.95 Haitian dollars to $1US.
Haitian $ US $
Scholarship/ Natacha Saint Louis Nursing – Tuition and school fees $6200 $779.87
Transitional construction / School: Wood, Nails, Topps, Drill, etc. $6908 $868.93
Payment / Teachers: Mme Rachel Chéry  $1200 $150.94
School Supplies: Books, Note books, Papers, etc.   $770 $96.86
Assessment on Martelly School 
Transportation and Tuition  Belle Anse, Jacmel, Port-au-Prince $2456 $308.93
Scholarship/ Committee members High school  $900 $113.21

Total $18,434.00 $2,318.74

luggage fees $240.00
Boat Trip (back and forth) $120.00
Food $125.00
Total $485
*These funds have not been taken out of the general donation funds, 100% has been donated for this purpose by Karen and Marty

Budget Report 2010

Total: $3,924.28 US Here's our year's accounting for the BATF school.  It's $ 7.95 Haitian dollars to $1US. We are proud to include our accomplishments include purchasing the land, creating the school, digging the latrine, paying teachers, getting supplies, also get supplies for cholera etc.
Haitian $ US $
Electricity per month $1168.65 $147.00
The pay for teacher for a month $397.50 $50.00
Books and Note Books $2300.00 $289.31
Paper:3 boxes $1500.00 $188.68
Pens and Pencils $500.00 $62.89
Crayons $700.00 $88.05
Desk, Table and Chairs $2500.00 $314.47
Water treatment for the school (Aquatabs, Water chloral) $1500.00 $188.68
Recreation Food $3300.00 $415.09
First care medication (Stomach, headache, Toothache, Skin infection, Fever and diarrhea) $2500.00 $314.47
T-shirts $1534.00 $192.96
Transportation: Boat Trips $7724.00 $971.57
School fees for some volunteers $500.00 $62.89
Projector screen and Cables $200.00 $25.16
Maintenance & services $1020.00 $128.30
Sponsors $920.00 $115.72
Total $31,198.00 $3,924.28