Belle Anse’s Timoun (Children) are the future of the family and the community.


Wantory Regala
Wantory Regala
Wantory Regala with his mother and uncle
Belle Anse School proudly sponsors Wantory Regala. Wantory lived in Petonville for a time, but he and his mother moved back to Belle Anse when his father died. His mother and his uncle work farming and have a small shop 45 min walk from the main town in Belle Anse. He said he liked living in Belle Anse better. Wantory had been one of our high school volunteers for BATF and mentored by Bekert. He received a scholarship from the University in Port au Prince that also can be combined with their medical school. He would like to be an OB/Gyn doctor to help women in the community. He was able to accept the scholarship, which paid half of his fees with the help of BATF/FEBA. His mother and uncle also contribute what they can towards his living expenses. Visions for Haiti helped with buying his books. He did well his first semester and has started on the second semester. We are very excited. When asked about our conditions, which are that he provides some volunteer work or help with our clinics or work in his community, he said, "of course! It is my goal!"

"I Wantory Regala , I am December 14, 1991 which means that I am 21 years old. I'm in a family with 2 children, my little brother and I, my father died when I was 12 that I was immersed in an immense melancholy life, but by the grace of God, through my efforts and those my dearest mother, who now is very unhealthy because of several diseases such as ulcer and many others ..... I could succeed my classical studies.

since my childhood melancholy, my only dream was to become a great gynecologist doctor, that's why I work very very hard to achieve this dream so big and beautiful.

view with the difficulties through which women especially women of Haiti , I give myself the obligation to become a gynecologist to help those who need it.

you know, to study must have a good quality so here I am ready for that work depends on the disposition of the mind and body. but another thing is very important is the provision of money.

Unfortunately, my family did not have the necessary means to help me attend this goal, a goal that I grew up with, a goal that I am ready to say . everyone in life has set a target, so I fixed mine in helping. become a doctor will also be fun for what it is something that I love and i like to help people.

then my dear donors, please take into consideration my goals.

I greet you."


Williamson Mathias
Wantory Regala
Williamson Mathias
Williamson Mathias is another of our scholarship candidate supported by BATF/FEBA. He is also one of our former high school volunteers for BATF/FEBA mentored by Bekert. Williamson wants to be an engineer. He wants to learn how to make safe buildings. The water in the mountains even makes the donkeys sick, so he would also like to help his community as well. Williamson grew up and spent his life in Belle Anse. He too has the desire to give back to his community.

"Belle-anse we wish could be but the most important thing is our mentality how we want to change it, it's for that i choose education because education is the best thing which can change our mentality and then tomorrow we will have belle-anse better"

We are sponsoring him for his engineering degree at the International University in Port au Prince Haiti. His costs are $1400 for one academic year. He needs assistance in tuition, books and supplies. He and his mother are able to pay for his living expenses.

"Williamson Mathias was born February 26,1993 at Belle-Anse. he is the son of Roger Mathias and Marie-Ange Claude. he has a brother named Jones Mathias born in 1988, and five sisters. in 1993, when he was five months old, his father died. his mother is a tradeswoman (selling food).

for a year he lives in carrefour and then returns to his hometown where he did his classical studies at college Pentecostal Haitian of belle-anse. in 2006 he left belle-anse to get to carrefour with his aunt and he made (seventh to third grade at college Emmanuel Kant). after the earthquake in 2010 he returned again at belle-anse to continue his studies because his school was destroyed. from 2012-2013 he got his school diplomas.

he was always a good pupil, he loves helping other under unprivileged people and always wants to works as a volunteer.

for him he is destined to become an engineer, he showed it to a high severity. so he would materialize this dream by the generous support of our donors

sincerly williamson

looking forward to hear from you "